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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Munhall Crime Watch Alert

As many of you may or may not be aware Pittsburgh is hosting the G-20 Summit on September 24th and 25th. With this summit unfortunately comes protests and at times mass chaos. we are not expecting problems here in Munhall, however, these protesters need places to stay.

We are asking for two things. One is that you let us know of any homes near you that are abandoned. Right now please let me know by e-mail but soon we will have a Munhall Tip line up and running that you could call in these buildings. Second thing is that if there is any activity in or around these homes that is out of the ordinary please call our dispatch at 412-464-7300 so we can respond a car to the location to ID anyone that is there.

Once again we are not expecting any trouble in our community but need to know whats going on for this event and a list of these buildings can help long term.

Daniel Boehme
Munhall Police Dept.

1 comment:

Daniel S. Boehme said...

You need to let people know that this is not an official site of the Munhall Police Dept. or the Munhall Crime Watch. The e-mail you put out was not the official release to the entire community as this will contain a new Tip Line to call in so as not to congest the Emergency Dispatch numbers. Additionally people are responding on your other sites with locations of these homes and we are not getting them. I have no problem with you posting my releases on here but confirm with me if they are the release for the community and not just the Crime Watch. Members of Crime Watch have my email address and communicate with me using that or thru the Captains as you should be aware.

Daniel S. Boehme